Folks do you have a product coach? Is this somethi...
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Folks do you have a product coach? Is this something that has worked for you? Is there any place where is easy to find one? I would like to improve my communication skills by having a better understanding of the personalities involved. What do you recommend me?
There are platforms like I don’t have a “product coach”, however: • I have people / mentors within the company I learn from • I reach out to people in other companies that I believe I can learn from (one off, or recurring) Given your challenge, this is not just related to product. Look for people around you who do this well, reach out to them if they’d like to mentor; or at least, give some tips. This usually works very well if you have something you’re working on, so there’s some content you can use as a basis and it’s not a theoretical discussion.
Thank you @Jelmer Borst