:wave: Hi everyone! My name is Yves Richard (<htt...
# intros
👋 Hi everyone! My name is Yves Richard (https://www.linkedin.com/in/yvesrichard/), and I quit my job today! 😄 I also have a pretty good war story once I get time to write my experience building an IDP at my current (soon not) organization. I'm really happy to have found this community. I have been essentially building an IDP on top of K8s/Argo for the better part of the year without knowing what IDP actually was. What I built fits the criteria set on the IDP site. Looking forward to connecting with you all. Cheers! 🍾
Hi Yves 👋 welcome here
"No better day to quit your job than Labour day" Hahaa I liked that one. Definitely looking for connecting with you and for your blog post / war story 👋