Hi. I got here from <platformengineering.org>. Nic...
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Hi. I got here from platformengineering.org. Nice initiative. I noticed the credit to Humanitec at the bottom and the involvement of Humanitec employees, but no "about us" page or similar. So I was wondering: To what extent is the website a Humanitec-initiative and to what extent does it consist of broader community contributions? What is your vision / plan with the website and related mediums (like this Slack space) in respect to Humanitec content and contributions vs generic content and contributions?
Hey @John Fletcher great question. Humanitec started the community and helps moderating it. There a lot of other people involved in the Meetup groups all over the world or in organizing PlatformCon or in contributing to platformengineering.org. See authors, organizers, other sponsors, etc. The vision is for this community to be fully community driven and for Humanitec to play a small role of contributor. We will soon also release a new OSS project and create a committee of contributors for it. I'd like to use that as an opportunity to structure the overall community better and more openly. More to come :)