Hi PMs!. Do you have any interview kit/video guide...
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Hi PMs!. Do you have any interview kit/video guide that you would like to share that uses the framework "Jobs to be done" for an Internal Dev Platform-product validation? I know there framework is heavily used for product discovery in general, but would be awesome if there is information out there tailored for IDP, like templates etc.
You can find a lot of excellent practices content here https://tanzu.vmware.com/developer/practices/ These are not specific for application/product discovery, as we have used this for platform-related discovery as well.
The customer driven playbook has some practices that are very similar to the jobs-to-be-done format. https://www.amazon.com/Customer-Driven-Playbook-Converting-Customer-Successful/dp/149198127X/ref=asc_df_149198127X_nodl