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🎥*The ins and outs of delivering your platform as a product is live on YouTube!*

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if you didn't have a chance to join the livestream. @Paula Kennedy thank you so much for great vibes and presentation. It was a pleasure! Looking forward to meeting you in person in Detroit! Let's continue the Q&A in the thread👇
Background: A lot of platform engineering talks present “The Platform” as a unified interface that dev teams interact with. An issue we have is we have various components (e.g. CI/CD with wrappers to minimise the understanding a developer needs to have to use it, a bunch of re-usable Terraform modules for creating infrastructure, monitoring systems, etc) however all these systems have their own setup done via git repos. Question: How important do you think presenting all these as a single interface is vs having several steps (mostly involving modifying some files in git) to get something into production? If it is important how would you advise starting a single unified interface?
Speaking about rotating internal team members to play as a Product Manager and Designer, what do you think are the key skills for each of these roles to obtain, like Customer Development techniques, Design Thinking, etc? And what are good resources on that?