Hi Lovely People, We're bootsrapping a startup wi...
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Hi Lovely People, We're bootsrapping a startup with a team of 5 devs. What are your recommendations for a cost-effective platform?
Until you have real customers paying for your services - use one metal for all you components.
I would go for Heroku, or similar, to make it as simple as possible to build and release. If you are using GitHub and can create the pipeline in GitHub Actions from the start, even better.
hi there, we’re offering bootstrapped IDP environments that can be run in self-service modus you deploy into your own IaaS account)- we’re still in stealth modus but let me know if you want to know more
Use GitHub actions. Nothing to build. Just create the YAML action files. Build something more complex if you have to, but there is a future in Pipelines in GHA.
Hi Habib, I am a co-founder of DevOpsBox. I hope you don't mind some self-advertising. We try to be as cost-effective as possible to be a good fit for startups. For example, we use AWS ECS Fargate instead of Kubernetes, NAT gateways are optional in our setup, and we take advantage of SPOT instances too. Also, we use services with as low operational overhead as possible e.g. RDS or again ECS Fargate instead of Kubernetes. I know that our website (https://www.devopsbox.io/) is a little bit outdated, so I would be happy to show you our demo.