Hello everyone. Nice to be here. I am the practice...
# intros
Hello everyone. Nice to be here. I am the practice lead for Modern-App platforms at ITQ, a consultancy and major VMware partner in the Netherlands. I help our customers build modern-app platforms using VMware's Tanzu product suite. If anyone else here is using that toolset, I would be interested to know you. Our ambition is to eventually deliver 'turnkey' container platforms or full IDP 'solutions' to customers, either based on VMware tooling, or complete open-source. So naturally I take a broad interest in tooling, practices, and just where everyone is headed 🙂 I come from an Infra background, having focused mostly on Storage and VMware stuff, been shifting into cloud-native and k8s for the past 3 years now. I am still very much in learning-mode 😛