Hello, everyone. My name is Oleg and I'm ... don't...
# intros
Hello, everyone. My name is Oleg and I'm ... don't really know who I am at this moment. But it looks like I do some very similar to IDP things in my daily work. At my last work I created several Jenkins tasks for my coworkers from different teams (Unix, Windows, Enterprise) for quick and simplified deployments in Openstack and Openshift. Those tasks look like "give me two windows, one linux, one virtual network between them, two services with FTP and LDAP. etc", simple to run/simple to use. Currently I develop my Jenkins/JTE (jenkins template engine) libraries as an uniform tool for deploying ... everything. Yes, I consider such tools as products and my coworkers as clients. Even more, I want to discuss such things as "autowiring" between different services, because it's very important for effective IDP using.