From a UX perspective looks great :slightly_smilin...
# platform-blueprints
From a UX perspective looks great 🙂
but is there anyway to create a PR before you clone them? Maybe the lack of visibility that this is going to happen is an issue.
and the other question would be how can I compare environments or sync them
Hey @Raquel Pau Fernandez đź‘‹ thanks for your feedback. When you talk about creating a PR before cloning - are you talking about Preview Environment?
not necessarily, is more for looking the approval of the team before applying infra changes
Oh I see, it’s something we plan to add as well. Actually today we have a RBAC system where you can say if someone can clone and create resources
Nice succinct video @Romaric Philogène Maybe you can answer a question I’ve had about the products I’ve bumped into like this the past couple years. How does this handle a large-scale environment - 100's of microservices with many inter-dependencies, and constant changes (i.e. 100's of deploys each day)?
It’s a very good question that I can cover via a complete article. In a nutshell, our engine is able to parallelize deployments and manage complex dependencies graph. So we can split the graph in multiple trees that are not inter-dependent and parallelize deployments. If it’s a topic that interest a lot of folks here, I’ll be happy to write an article like this one to explain how we handle large scale.
Cloning a prod env to staging sounds very scary 🙂
What are the limitations of this service? Or the context