If you plan on going big in tech, you cannot affor...
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If you plan on going big in tech, you cannot afford to miss Google-Cloud-Next Conference. Position your self and develop the necessary skills for the next gen tech jobs. *Find out Google’s Top 10 projection for the future of cloud tech. Learn(fully funded), get certified, collaborate & lead the next generation of, Web3, data, AI, infrastructureand more.* Join Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian and Googles top cloud leaders live including, Eric Brewer, VP of Infrastructure & Google Fellow, Andi Gutmans, VP & GM of Databases; and Jeanine Banks, VP & GM, Developer X & Developer Relations. Build your skills, but save your money. Get 30 days of complimentary access to Google Cloud Skills Boost for new users. Compete in developer challenges or join workshops and labs, and unlock special learning offers – to be announced live at Next ‘22. Join the exclusive Google Cloud Fly Cup Challenge. This 3 stage, developer focused competition is designed to help boost cloud skills and drive innovation in the sport of drone racing (Winner stand the chance to win amazing prizes and all expense paid trips) Register Here:https://goo.gle/3xnxi2q