I’m preparing a presentation for my team about the...
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I’m preparing a presentation for my team about the benefits of IaC. I thought this community is a perfect place to ask for additional input. So far I came up with the following: • Timely and seamless • Speed and scalability • Reusability • Budget-friendly • Saves from discrepancies and failure • Improved consistency • Eliminates configuration drift • Improved security strategies Anything you’d add?
I wrote a blog post on GitOps once. You might take some bullet points from there 😄 https://www.meshcloud.io/2022/04/04/gitops-and-the-rise-of-everything-as-code/
• repeatability (subtly different from reusabilty) In my experience configuration drift is often not fully eliminated automatically*, but IaC definitely helps. Same for budget-friendly: it's not a silver bullet. * Running unattended scheduled pipelines to "fix" things can be risky as Terraform isn't always aware of "content state" when it has to recreate resources. Also, I've recently had Terraform creating resources and then running into an error before writing to the state file what it had already created successfully. Result: orphaned resources (Terraform actually caused the config drift). Note that these are exceptional cases, most often it works fine.
Sharing knowledge might also be a benefit IaC. Be careful here ! I don’t mean IaC is self-documenting infrastructure ! It is closer to a knowledge base: code represent what is deployed and give of central way of discussing about concrete / tangible things (in comparison of connecting to different machine to see what is deployed and how it could evolve)
Nice, thank you all!
If IaC is enforced for applying configuration changes to your infrastructure, every change can go through a code review process. So, the chances of a misconfiguration gets reduced. You also have a trail of commits that act as an audit log for infrastructure changes.
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