Hi, all. I'm a Gartner analyst, and I'm trying to ...
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Hi, all. I'm a Gartner analyst, and I'm trying to make your CIO care about platform engineering. Here's a preview of what we have coming down the pipe: https://www.gartner.com/en/articles/what-is-platform-engineering
I'm leading our research efforts internally. Would love to hear you experiences for case studies, etc. I can share more after our flagship Symposium conference next week.
Following to see what you share next week. Do you have a “non-techie” slide deck to show the value of Platform Eng to execs that do not understand the lingo - or care more about how the impact we create affects the company’s main initiatives and not how we do it?
Looking forward to your sharing~🫠
Yes! Anyone at Symposium will see it in the keynote Monday morning. The initial platform engineering research will be aimed at IT leaders (i.e., non-technical) so that may be what you're looking for
I'll follow that up with more in-depth technical advice for engineers and architects in 2023.