Live with Lambros, he's showing how they built the...
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Live with Lambros, he's showing how they built the IDP at Wise (Transferwise)

For more questions please post in this thread, @Lambros Charissis will get back to you 🙂
Loved the presentation! I was wondering if there were any particular challenges identifying the key personas? Where language, cultural, or geographic differences considered, or just experience/seniority and role?
Hi @Lambros Charissis , thanks for a great case study of adopting IDP. Wondering if you’ve a cost benefit analysis of your implementation. Benefits we can clearly see in your presentation. What are your observations on the cost side: another moving element, delta additions in Dev workflows to keep the IDP up-to-date, platform investment? Really curious to understand if you consider cost side fixed while benefits adding up over time? Do costs clearly outweigh the benefits?
Hi there, thanks for tuning in yesterday, I'll try to answer the questions above:
@Trevor Sinnott based on the interviews we identified patterns or types of engineers that suffer most from a certain type of problem. Personas helped us to make that more relatable. We weren't able to identify any patterns based on culture, geography or language.
@AB First I want to clarify some terminology, for us IDP != Dev Portal. Dev Portal is a small part of our IDP 🙂 . And yes, we do have a cost benefit analysis for Dev Portal, but I can't share the exact numbers. As mentioned in the Value Stream Mapping section, we quantified the impact based on time/productivity, which can be translated into $. You can also project this out into the future, since the problem is only becoming bigger as the organisation grows. The result was very clear in our case. Obviously we had to make some good assumption around effort for building and maintaining Dev Portal.