Hey all, today I started reading <this article> I ...
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Hey all, today I started reading this article I found the other day and I was wondering if you agree on this formula that tells you how many engineers should be working on “the platform”? I find it personally quite interesting, since in my experience I worked in teams that were either too small or too big ... 😅
Wow great find, thanks for sharing this @Ben G !
A way of visualizing your r&d investments is with 3 buckets. Having the right mix is critical. They work together. A healthy investment distribution is 50% platform, 40% features, and 10% experiments. You can skew for short periods, but over the long term its fatal.
Elsewhere I’ve heard it recommended to spend up to 50% on platform (maybe Platform engs cost more $$, so this doesn’t map perfectly to the model in the above article) https://buildrightside.com/book/chapter2-platform-investments.html Regardless of which model you go with, I think it’s an interesting exercise to capture the CURRENT platform/“feature” ratio and ask questions from there. (Are there signs of underutilized platform tools? Signs of over-worked feature engineers? Etc)
Reading the source is quite insightful as well (and has been a favorite of mine for a while) https://gigamonkeys.com/flowers/
Wow, that’s been around since 2015??
Yep. Platform engineering has been around for a bit already, we just called it differently 😉