Hi, everyone! I was wondering could someone please...
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Hi, everyone! I was wondering could someone please recommend me a web-platform maker? (With not much coding). Situation: I have a project in which, I would like to have a web page in which people (customers) can order environments for work/demos etc. In this page there would be a login page, page where database and cloud would be chosen, multiple choice possibilities, summary and finally a JSON result of the environment. And a great feature would be if possible to sync this page with a google sheet or excel file. In simple words this would just be a customer self-service page in which they request an environment. I saw a platform named "*Backstage.io*", maybe someone knows how it is and if it would be good for me? Or maybe some other recommendations. 🙂 I will look through every suggestion and advice. 🙂
What you describe feels like highly specific to your case. Meaning this means a lot of coding. Backstage is a DIY platform, means a lot of coding, but i dont think it is suited for your case. Maybe a nocode platform.. but i am not familiar with those.