Why do we need a self-service developer platform? ...
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Why do we need a self-service developer platform? One of the biggest challenges in software engineering is finding the right balance between flexibility and simplicity. This is especially true in a highly secured and regulated environment. Find out how we simplify the developer experience and scale DevOps workflows without compromising the security of multi-Kubernetes environments with these 3 steps. • Take an opinionated approach to development infrastructure • Establish a dedicated #platformengineering team • Take a best-of-breed approach to deliver a self-service development platform (IDP) https://cloudify.co/blog/bridging-the-gap-between-applications-and-kubernetes-environments/ You can learn more about this and other related Kubernetes and hybrid-cloud topics at KubeCon in Detroit. Just set up a meeting with us >>> https://cloudify.co/kubecon-detroit/
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