Luca Galante

10/20/2022, 3:47 PM
We have just taken out of the oven our freshest Platform Weekly 🥐... Check the latest from the community directly in your inbox, or on our online archive later this week...and if you try that modded version of Doom :doom:, please let me know!

Josh Gavant

10/20/2022, 7:38 PM
Nice opinion piece on the impact of an economic slowdown @Luca Galante. Do you think successful platform engineering teams could reduce costs by sharing common components and platform specialists across many product teams?

Luca Galante

10/21/2022, 10:14 AM
Absolutely @Josh Gavant building a platform is one of the best things any engineering org can do right now to streamline their infra costs, processes and still grow without adding headcount.