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Karolina Junčytė

04/19/2022, 10:12 AM
How many women DevOps engineers do we have in this community? 👋 Hila Fish started small, but grew powerful 💪. She’s a Senior DevOps Engineer at WIX, maintaining all infrastructure aspects for the Data Engineering group that handles 10TB of data per day. At PlatformCon she will share how she and her team migrated the entire R&D’s codebase from BitBucket to GitLab.
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Hila F

05/12/2022, 11:14 PM
Hi, thanks for the intro @Karolina Junčytė! Actually, I did the migration on my own, that's why I titled the talk "one woman show" :) that's what I basically wanted to show the audience, that with a good & well-thought of plan and structuring the project, you can pull off something big as full on migration on your own (other teams took care of some aspects, but the heavy lifting was on my side) And this project took place on one of my previous companies :)