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Gemma Hayes

05/13/2022, 7:37 PM
Hi Everyone! Hope you're having a great week! We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer at Brain Racers. We are an early-stage EdTech & eSports startup with a vision of building an entertaining platform that celebrates brain performance. The core game as the name suggests is a racing game where we combine academic curriculums with fun cognitive challenges all in a racing format. We have been working with a network of 100-150 teachers and organizing small virtual tournaments all over North America customized to grade level and subject. We have run around 50 race events and found that this is a super fun way for students to connect with their learning. We want to disrupt the education model! We're looking for a senior dev ops leader with a high level of PHP experience who is keen for a cool project, with a great team where they can make an impact and join as we scale. This is a part-time, 100% remote, equity based role, with increasing financial opportunities over time. You can DM me on here, apply via email to or apply here Look forward to hearing from y'all 🤘