I've got three Platform Product Manager job openin...
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I've got three Platform Product Manager job openings in my org at the moment. (1) Localisation Product Manager (Senior) https://jobs.zalando.com/en/jobs/3582996-senior-product-manager-localisation-platform/?gh_src=22377bdd1us • Manage integrations of our 3rd party localisation platform into all ends at Zalando • Vendor Management • Improving and evolving the tooling landscape from translations to e2e localisation (2) Event Tracking Platform / Data Platform Product Manager (Senior / Principal) • Manage our internal data platform for Event Tracking, Experimentation, Feature Flagging • Lead a small PM team • Manage senior, exec stakeholders across the company (3) Head of Product / Principal Product Manager Platform https://jobs.zalando.com/en/jobs/3275110-principal-product-manager-digital-experience-platform/?gh_src=22377bdd1us • End to end management for platform product management in a very wide and ambigous space with at least 7 products, internal customers and a long term vision to platformize our key capabilities also for 3rd party use. • Team Management • Product Strategy across 5-7 teams If anyone is interested to learn more, please reach out to me via PM.
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