Found this comprehensive <article on >*<Terraform>...
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Found this comprehensive article on *Terraform* and *Ansible*, really liked the description, comparison and discussion. Do you agree that Terraform would be a better option for organizations working with cloud providers?
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To me they are totally different things. Ansible is a way to “package and execute” commands (playbooks) in a comprehensive and idempotent way, on a large environment. TF is IAC, creating your infra with providers. While it can be abused, like using it as a deployment tool, it wasn’t meant for it and comes with a lot of drawbacks. Having Ansible playbook to run TF to create the infra, then use another playbook to deploy some apps would work. In my world, I don’t see TF taking over ansible or the other way around. Actually, GitOps, and tools like pulumi and crossplane are taking over Ansible and TF 🙂
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