Hey folks! How are you naming the sub teams in you...
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Hey folks! How are you naming the sub teams in your DevOps/ platform engineering organization? I am curious to know how they are grouped: by a specific platform they support or by a technology stack or something else. Obviously, you can't have dozen engineers do everything. So what is your way of classification/topology to keep the subteams focused and how do you measure success?
Giving a talk about this at platformcon. My recommendation for almost all platform teams is to be workflow aligned not stack aligned
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I guess my talk also touches on this in a way, our teams are aligned around the engineering workflow, each is responsible for different parts end to end (for instance, one team takes care of CI/CD, another Observability & Incident Management)
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First, I believe in vertical slice autonomous product teams. Second, I see each team as contributing to the overall goal of the platform to be automated self-service, have developer experience in mind and to be goal-and-value-driven. Third,I lean hard in on Domain Driven Design concepts and did some work a few years back when I was at ThoughtWorks on creating bounded contexts around internal dev platform teams. We came up with the following concepts as bounded contexts (I don’t use the term domains here since DDD’s lingo has a domain aligning to a business process): • Runtime (k8s, ecs, VMs, etc) • Security (SAST, DAST, secrets, etc) • CI/CD (building pipelines and starter kits) • SRE (reliability engineering) YMMV of course.
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