Hi Everyone, :wave: What are messaging queues eve...
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Hi Everyone, 👋 What are messaging queues everyone is using and what are your experiences with those. I'm looking at exploring Kafka, Apache Airflow, RabbitMQ and anything that you all suggest. Our requirement is an MQ that can: 1) Scale 2) Is Pub-Sub model based with Topic (like) support 3) Good Java library support 4) Works well for multi-region and multi-cloud setups. 5) Works well in failovers and has HA built-in. 6) Provides admission control for apps. For e.g., App A can read + write, App B can only Read, App C can only write etc.
Check out Apache pulsar
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@Praneeth Apache Airflow is not a messaging queue system
My bad. Not Airflow. Some teams are exploring Amazon Kinesis but we prefer to be cloud agnostic
How about https://nats.io/ ? Is it a CNCF project.
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