I have a question for the people that use Backstag...
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I have a question for the people that use Backstage. How do you update and manage teams and their members?
I’d love to know your thoughts on backstage
@Ryan Ryke As a PM, I think it is an interesting new product category and I would like to learn a little bit more how people is using it. Also, I'd love to start using it internally, and trying to do a PoC
ahh, cool. Yeah, we been looking at it and a couple of other platforms for some of our customers. It looks pretty promising.
We've got a group just dipping their toes in the water on Backstage, but it's less than a dozen users so far. We also have a much larger existing / home-grown platform that is running lots (and lots) of VMs, containers and EC2 instances...thousands of microservices, several hundred users.
I can’t thread a thread, but would love to learn more
We start to experiment as the UI/UX for teams search for documentation, dependencies, use templates for create new apps. I talk with backstage team at Kubecon and I believe that the focus is provide a better UX for the complexity of a dev platform. As the speaker said in his talks be the frontend for developer platforms. With this in mind I wouldn't go beyond that
I've used it at a couple of places for scaffolding new services. OTher things too (consolidation of observability and infrastructure tool links, etc), but the scaffolding has been probably the highest value add
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Currently using it mostly as a software catalog, the teams are coming from Github, no management Backstage side.
We allow users to connect to backstage with github connect. After that everyone can see all the content. We also have one "component" by feature team, where there is tabs with different kinds of content (Miro diagrams, sentry, new relic, security, ...)