The team and I were discussing this week what we w...
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The team and I were discussing this week what we would expect from a successful K8s migration. Wondering how people here planned for their K8s adoption and rollout?
This is the key question we tried to answer with the 2022 Kubernetes Benchmarking Study. Check it out, hope it helps.
I have experience that, soft migrations doesn’t work 😄 OFC it depends on the company but generally, soft processes are likely to not helping. We were using EC2 instances and then switched to the K8S in my previous company. Firstly, we switched only couple of services to the k8s cluster, not everything. when we see that services we moved are working correctly we prepared the other ones and switched them as well. I wish we knew that kustomize is more suitable than helm in our case in those times 😄 For now I’m another company and we’re running k8s native (almost every resource 🎉) with fully operated by GitOps and backed by Flux