Question: What metrics does your team to track yo...
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Question: What metrics does your team to track your performance as a platform engineering team?
I’m very interested in other people’s answers to this question!
We’ve got some CLI work on our roadmap and one of the questions we’re not sure how to answer is how to track people’s usage of our tooling when it’s not running in the cloud somewhere.
Would llke to hear some real life examples here as well. I would expect stuff like: • Hit count • Usage metrics • raised errors • invalid requests • response times (per endpoint) • bandwith used or what do you think?
Deployments per day. number of service instances ?
Our team delivers standardized cloud environments. One of our proposed metrics is how long it takes to deliver an environment. Another is error rate in environment deployment automation.
@jonny s. Do you mean, you want to track usage of a CLI on people's workstations? Does the CLI hit an API that you manage? If not, that does sound difficult. Unless you have it periodically push data to some endpoint. Like how printers will ask you to opt into sharing usage data with the OEM.