# platform-culture

Karolina Junčytė

06/07/2022, 12:32 PM
@Becky Pauley is about to give some first-hand tips for everyone managing junior 👶 platform engineers. All the peaks and troughs were captured along the way as Becky was a brand new junior engineer herself just a year and a half ago. 🛣️ In this talk she will cover: • Where we’re going: The power and importance of objectives in setting a direction. • How we get there: Maximising learning opportunities and development with the tools you already have. • How we know how we’re doing: Effective (and ineffective) feedback. • An aside: empathy is underrated.
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Paul Schofield

06/09/2022, 2:35 PM
This was a well presented and very timely reminder of what we ALL know we should be doing… Nicely done @Becky Pauley

Becky Pauley

06/09/2022, 2:42 PM
Thank you for the positive feedback 🥰