The End of ‘Growth At Any Cost’ Last year, <Sarah ...
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The End of ‘Growth At Any Cost’ Last year, Sarah Wang and Marti Cassado analyzed the impact of cloud spending on hyper growth companies. As tech companies trade away efficiency in pursuit of velocity, they face a non-sustainable growth model where cloud costs surpass 50% of total revenue. Wang and Cassado’s analysis illustrates how this condition directly impacts a company’s profitability—and valuation. In today’s market upheaval, it’s even easier to see how a “growth at any cost” policy is unsustainable. Today, DevOps teams have to find ways to support growth while controlling costs. This forces organizations to better control how development teams use cloud infrastructure. IDPs can become a major tool in this effort. Unsurprisingly they’re becoming the next hot DevOps trend. Backstage provides a great framework and ecosystem to shorten the time a team needs to build its own internal platform and Cloudify provides the open, remote execution engine with a single place to organize infrastructure resources into a self-service environment. The integration turns Backstage into a full-blown PaaS. The current Cloudify-Backstage integration is only an MVP release. Next, we’ll deepen the integration, providing more monitoring within the Backstage portal. Here, you can find more information on our open source contribution to Backstage and offer feedback.
Oh, we pretty much debunked that article last year already. My summary was: the scenarios the authors cite are the direct opposite of most any enterprise: single (or few) product, highly harmonized, huge scale, and abundance of skill.
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But they did pick a catchy title 😉
hi @Gregor could you please share the link of the article where u debunked it ?