<@U03JR2A9HHT>, thanks for sharing, I get the poin...
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@Dewan Ahmed, thanks for sharing, I get the point that click-ops shouldn’t be the goal. But what about all the cognitive load you put on people if everyone needs to know IaC and Terraform now? In many setups I’ve seen it’s just a pure mess. How to avoid this?
That’s a great point @Alex Fitzgerald The fact that we burden people with new tools and process, we see the resistance to learn/adopt. The goal of DevOps, GitOps, IaC, and even security practices should be that they become a transparent layer. Employees should not see or face them as yet another barrier to do their work. However, we cannot reach that transparent state in day1. It’s a journey. Here’s my 2c: 1. Not everyone in the company needs to be an IaC expert. Typically your platform/infra teams will handle those tasks. 2. Lot of IaC tools have an SDK or plug-in so that developers can use their familiar language to make the same API calls. This abstracts away the tool-specific complexities from the developers. 3. Once an organization identifies an appropriate tool and they need their infra/platform team to learn/adopt, they can plan baby steps with a PoC first, then a few machines in the dev environments, and finally production usage. But a buy-in from the team is a first even before that first baby step.