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# platform-blueprints
@viktor, would be interested in your opinion, how is platform engineering related to DevOps engineering? Not sure if I understood it correctly. Are we all going into platform engineering now? To reach DevOps? Also looking forward to @Nigel Kersten’s take on this tomorrow!🙌
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DevOps, or ops in general, cannot be about resolving JIRA tickets with requests to do something for someone. That’s inefficient. That leaves us with two options. Either we tell everyone “here’s an AWS account, go figure it out” or “we’ll create services that you can consume”. If we choose the latter, services eventually become a platform.
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So it all takes us to platform engineering more or less I suppose
I concur with @viktor here - platform engineering is the only sane way to scale ops at all, leaving DevOps out of it. There’s things we’ve learnt from DevOps though that we should use to inform how we do platform engineering.
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to basically give away my talk thesis tomorrow, I believe on top of that we need a prescriptive model for how to get started doing platform engineering and how to mature your platform, otherwise we’ll end up in 10 years with enterprise platform engineering being as messy and confusing as enterprise devops and agile are.
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(and that practitioners and folks on the ground need to build that model or people with less pure motives will do it)
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