Good day <@U0354BQE1C7>! In your talk (it’s great!...
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Good day @Jessica Ulyate! In your talk (it’s great!), you touched on platform KPIs and how to measure platform success. @Andrew Fong too. Are there certain frameworks or materials you know how to break down company goals into platform success metrics? Or what’s your view on this in general?
Thanks @Tim Fischer, really appreciate that 🙂 I think it's difficult to have one framework to apply, since it's very dependent on what your company looks like and how they operate. That being said, I think it helps to try and align with the frameworks your company already uses. If you work in a waterfall shop, busting out OKRs just for platform is probably not going to make your life easier 😛
It depends on the company goal. Some things decompose very easily some things don’t. Sometimes a platform is completely the wrong answer.
If you asked me about infra (which sometimes get lumped into this world based on the things people are building) - I would really encourage to build a supply and demand model
I’ve been thinking about the general version of @Tim Fischer’s question — how to design and use metrics to support aspirational goals effectively — for many years and have been promising folks that I’ll write about it. I’ve written the one-page teaser version and would be grateful for feedback.