Is anyone using Backstage to drive IaC with terraf...
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Is anyone using Backstage to drive IaC with terraform and would like to share their experience?
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I would also be interested in this @Oren Recht. I haven't found much on this yet during my own research.
makes three of us @Oren Recht and @Philipp Bussche
Would backstage be used to drive it or just a portal to a tool that uses Terraform? I would go to one of the vendors like Spacelift, TerraformCloud etc and ask if they have any Backstage plugins. If you use Humanitec to call Terraform plugins wont that work also if there is a Humanitec backstage plugin?
Thank you for sharing your thoughts @Andre Marcelo-Tanner. Just had a look at Looks very interesting. Interesting thought about not directly integrating Backstage with Terraform but going via an existing tool. I need to think about this a bit more !
I haven't watched the video yet but from the description this might be an implementation of Andre's idea of having a vendor product in between Backstage and infrastructure provisioning:

Can something like Rafay be used with Backstage?