# platform-culture

Simon Haslam

06/10/2022, 11:51 AM
I've been watching lots of useful sessions, thanks to all the speakers. One question, which I think I was reminded of during Nicki's session yesterday, is if we split the org into Product Dev/Run and Plat Eng, how do we help Product devs be happy with what they're doing and not wanting to dive into infra/plumbing? Devs often want to do a lot of what is in Plat Eng scope, for various motives: new tech, fancy tooling, more cloud experience (and, let's face it, sometimes it's just to get these things on their resume/CV). You can move them to Plat Eng, but if their thing is to do app/feature dev for external customers that doesn't work long term. So somehow we need to help product Devs need to get the skills/experiences they want, and ideally act as ambassadors for Plat Eng rather than competitors (re-inventing what is effectively platform code in the product)?