# platform-tech

Ohad Shushan

06/10/2022, 12:34 PM
Solving the ‘Speed Paradox’ with Backstage and Cloudify: a Full-blown PaaS The Rise of the Internal Developer Platform (IDP) One potential solution to the speed paradox is the Internal Developer Platform (IDP). As its name suggests, an IDP provides a single place where developers can find all the resources needed to run their development environment. An IDP allows developers to speed up their development processes by offering improvements in: • Efficiency - simplifying the way developers get access to their development and testing infrastructure through a self-service experience; • Consistency - providing a consistent way in which developers consume infrastructure resources across teams • Visibility - providing a single place where developers can see all the development pipelines, workflows, and states that are associated with their specific environments. Watch Nati Shalom. our CTO, session at PlatfromCon ->

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