# kubernetes

Udi Hofesh

10/24/2022, 2:54 PM
Hey all, Some time ago, we at Komodor, started working on a new OSS project called Helm-Dashboard. Now, it’s finally ready for users, and I’m excited to share with the world. You can see its GitHub repo here: So Helm-Dashboard is basically a GUI for Helm, and it’s designed to solve some of the more acute painpoints of Helm users by visualizing changes in Helm charts. The goal is to help beginner Helm users to get started with Helm, and for more experienced users to speed up operations. I invite everyone who is using Helm to give it a try and share your feedback. Feel free to open GitHub issues, send PRs, ask questions in a dedicated #helm-dashboard channel on our Slack Kommunity: Give it a if you liked it :) Or consider upvoting on HackerNews: