Hey guys, The latest edition of Technology Radar —...
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Hey guys, The latest edition of Technology Radar — volume 27 — is now live. Link In addition to 103 blips, we also have four themes to highlight: • The Mainstreaming of ML In little more than a decade, machine learning has moved from a highly specialized technique to something that almost anyone with data and computational power can do. This is to be welcomed, but demands caution and care. • The Power of Platforms as a Product A platform can be powerful for empowering developers. However, it’s important that they’re built and maintained in a way that responds to and mediates the needs of both technical teams and the wider organization. • Moving Data Ownership to the Edges When it comes to data, centralization can be constrictive. New techniques and tools, however, are making it easier to overcome the challenges of centralization. • Mobile Should Be Modular, Too The benefits of modularity are well-known, but they haven’t been leveraged as much as you might expect in mobile development. This is now starting to change; a modular approach to mobile can improve both the quality of mobile applications and the experience of building them. Hope you can enjoy it. 😉
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