Lars W. Andersen

11/07/2022, 2:52 PM
As a freelancer I work in a multitude of roles. In my current engagement im a platform engineer, and in the next I will probably be embedded in a team, doing devopsy stuff to enable the team, but build upon what the platform team delivers. That yaml aint gonna write itselv. 😁 And in the next role, the org ponders who the heck will keep the system alive, and badaboom ... I put SRE on the business card, slide two seats to the left, and do all the things within that role. There is definite overlap, and in small orgs all 3 roles may not exist, but the tasks that need doing are the same, and they dont go away.

Andrew Fong

11/07/2022, 7:12 PM
The real question is would the yaml exist if we built from first principles + what is required to change to that world…