Hey everyone, I wrote a little piece analyzing the...
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Hey everyone, I wrote a little piece analyzing the 290+ booths at KubeCon 2022 by extracting all the text on the booths. Also added fun rankings for (e.g. ‘boldest message’ -> which obviously features humanitec) and graphics like word clouds -> Some people here might find this interesting to understand what’s up-and-coming. https://www.uptime.build/post/i-analyzed-290-booths-at-kubecon-here-are-the-devops-trends-for-2023
This is great! I wish the gifs were slide shows so I can slide through each booth. The gif is fast.
"Only 15 mentions of ‘*Cost*’ make it seem like the industry is not yet prepared for the current economic situation." 😅
I’m figuring out a way to link the entire folder with ALL the photos, this came up a few times
Regarding that @Tapir Atom....I downloaded a couple of reports and was reading this article which highlights the importance of getting the maximum business value from the cloud without renouncing the necessary tools. I would like to extend the talk to the community: what is your opinion on the development of FinOps? I have to admit I am quite ignorant in the matter… and none talking about it, doesn't help 😅
Hi @Ben G, FinOps is definitely gaining traction as a cross-functional discipline and individual role. It's not uncommon for cloud cost to rank #2 in expenses after payroll, and more companies are setting up FinOps teams to make sure that's money well spent and nothing is wasted. Our CEO at Yotascale was formerly head of platform engineering at PayPal, and he founded the company and built our cloud cost management product because he felt passionately that engineers needed visibility of cloud cost - they are the ones that have direct control of cloud resources after all, not finance. So if, for example, there is a sudden spike in cost, an engineer (or even FinOps) can be alerted and act quickly. This just happened to our customer Zoom and they saved $600K in one month. You can read the blog here. Happy to continue the discussion.
Susan, this is great, thanks. I will read your blog and come back with more insight on the matter.