# general

anuj joshi

11/12/2022, 12:08 AM
Hi @Viktor Gamov thank you so much for such a great presentation. I was trying to test the gRPC services with istio, but could not solve it. Maybe you can guide me, I have asked the the question here :, I will really appreciate your help.

Sitesh Behera

11/12/2022, 5:08 AM
I think grpc enables https by default. Just chk ur client should not be requesting grpc endpoint with http.
usually clients internally dont enable https by default

anuj joshi

11/12/2022, 1:40 PM
Thank you for reply, I will test and revert back
Hi Sitesh, i tested with https also, same result. I am able to put weight on subset and it is working great. the only problem is i am not able to route based on http header key value.

Viktor Gamov

11/15/2022, 8:27 PM
hey @anuj joshi I will try to take a look.
@anuj joshi in a few words (without going into details because you shared details in SO post) what ultimately are you trying to achieve?

anuj joshi

11/15/2022, 8:38 PM
Hi Viktor, My use case is redirecting the traffic to specific version based on my header key value
x-testing : tester
using istio, So i have 2 services user ( v1 and v2) both are gRPC services. I have a destinationRoute for matching header key -> value pair and redirect to user service v2. Now when i try to call my api gateway ( FastAPI) using
curl -H "x-testing : tester" localhost/users
, which makes call to gRPC service (users), the traffic still goes to version v1. I tested that if i use weights on both version the traffic works, its only with the header key -> value.