Oscar Medina

11/16/2022, 4:20 PM
Hi Everyone, Hi, my name is Oscar Medina. I am a Speaker, Author and Sr. Architect at AWS, previously ran my own consulting firm for several years, have had the privilege to publish a couple of books and contribute to a third (all on sale at Amazon). With over 26 years in the technology sector. My experience includes both startup and large enterprise environments. I have development in many languages, backend, full-stack. I also work on modern infrastructure via IaC, part of my DevOps experience. I have lead large scale engagements, and have managed development teams, all while also being deeply hands-on in the technology stack. I have also architected solutions, diagrams, scoping docs, and requirements docs and presentations for executive level sponsors. For the last 7 years however, my focus has been DevOps practices. Some of the open source project I’ve been involved in and evangelized include Jenkins X the Kubernetes native CI/CD. Great to join this community and looking forward to contributing and learning from y’all! Below you’ll find some of the events I’ve participated in, if you have any questions DM me! Speaking and Live Events HashiCorp live session: Guardrails for EKS Clusters:Enable Self-Service Deployments for Developers (

) HashiCorp Blog Post - Enable Self-Service Amazon EKS Deploys with CDK for Terraform DevOps World - Portugal DevOps World - San Francisco Ran two Jenkins X workshops and presented out a breakout session. CDF Summit China (KubeCon China) - DevOps Perú Agosto 2021 - Couchbase - Kubernetes scaling

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins X