Hello Community, Anyone has ideas around how to ex...
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Hello Community, Anyone has ideas around how to explain the concept of platforms to non technical person? Perhaps like a 5th grader?
It makes creating apps like drawing with crayons in a colouring book instead of painting on blank sheets of paper.
All of your colours are premixed and you can draw within the lines. It requires less skill and effort to make something good in less time.
I think you would have to make an analogy in the field they are in. To take the painting analogy, you can say - you are painter and you do not need to know how to actually create the paints. you just go to a store, buy the paints your customer wants in their house, buy other tools you need to actually paint their house and then go finish your job. making the paints up to code (lead content, chemical formulation, etc), buikding the paint brush, the right paint buckets etc, is the job of the platform teams 🙂 I hope this helps - i tried lol
@Kashmira Patel you've improved @Taras Mankovski analogy very well.
Probably depends on the actual "platform" that you are thinking of ... ... the "automotive" platform comes to my mind which provides a highly standardized set of components which you don't need to take care of. ... or maybe LEGO which provides highly standardized building blocks, easy to assemble based on a simple "API" and easy to understand and develop your solution from.
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Thank you everyone