Hey everyone; if you’re looking for a weekend proj...
# general
Hey everyone; if you’re looking for a weekend project, check out https://namespace.so, an all-in-one development platform that makes application deployment to Kubernetes a breeze. It’s open-source and extensible, and covers build, development workflows, end-to-end testing and production. We’re just getting started, and would love your thoughts and feedback. Have a great weekend!
This is pretty awesome, I saw that ci support is coming having gitlab-ci support would be awesome 🙂, I do have a couple of questions, how does it setup the kubernetes cluster ( think i saw in the docs it uses k3s ), im curious because while this is aimed more at a developer local environment, ops do have local environments as well for example I use k3d + vcluster, argocd and crossplane to test things out but i sometimes also need to spin up our app just like a developer would to test things, it would be nice if I didn't have to spin up two k3s clusters locally 😄
Hey! Great questions
can setup both its own local cluster (via
prepare local
), or you can configure an existing one (
prepare existing
). The
path is a low frills app development setup, includes its own registry, ingress, etc. But we care about making using existing clusters as good as we can. Would love to hear more how we could do that in practice
Ahh ya thats pretty smart makes sense, basically I been looking into https://kubefirst.io/ to use as a cluster of clusters creator and they just landed local support using ( k3d ), so it would be nice to leverage both for the ops team ( Namespace seems to cover the dev local space pretty well )
Will have a look!