As some of you know, we have been cooking somethin...
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As some of you know, we have been cooking something special for you this past month 🍳🍳 Excited to finally announce the first ever conference dedicated to Platform Engineering, PlatformCon! 🥳 It will be 2 days of expert talks, inspiring stories and debates on everything ranging from platform tech (Kubernetes, Terraform and more) to DevEx flows and platform design topics. It will be the celebration of this community and of our meetup events for the past 2 years. So save the date - June 9-10th and go register now (for free)! The event will be 100% virtual with pre-recorded talks. All speakers will join this Slack and host AMAs and Q&As the day their talk goes live. We created 4 dedicated channels #platform-design #platform-stories #platform-tech #platform-culture and 1 channel #platformcon-news for general news that you can already join. We’ll warm them up soon 🔥 Let us know what you think of the event and I hope to see you there!
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Registered. Congrats! The line up is solid.