Hey all! Our team have been remote for over :two: ...
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Hey all! Our team have been remote for over 2️⃣ years now. We often discuss whether we should go back to an office, at least partially. Wondering what folks’ setup here is. How does your team currently work? 🏠 Remote 🏢 On-site ⚖️ Hybrid
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My workplace is doing a hybrid model for the foreseeable future. Currently almost my entire team is remote, with just me and maybe one other being within commuting distance of the office. Teammates are scattered across NA but mostly in Canada within 300km of Toronto; one is in Montreal and another in Austin TX
i work best fully remote. however, i think it's important to avoid dogma here as in all areas of life. if you have the option to support hybrid and team members who would benefit, go for it! i have been fully remote for ~10 years and partially remote for another ~5 before that (now live very remote, previously just liked avoiding traffic). i've learned how to be effective that way, enjoy saving commute time, and find more focus time... but even for me, occasional "meetups" are awesome to bond in new ways and have high fidelity conversations. you really can't go wrong having this discussion...at least we have left the "you are not productive unless i see you in a chair" world. 🙂
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What do you do mike?
i'm a SRE with an infrastructure/platform focus. even before telepresence, zoom, slack, etc. i was often collaborating with global colleagues over IRC so got used to that UX early in life. to each their own -- i don't think there is a right answer here. based on my own experience you can be very effective colocated or fully remote. the apparent dogma of "you can only succeed if you work in X way" is the only thing that annoys me about this discussion...different personalities, contexts, etc. == different solutions. i much prefer my own custom workstation, coffee made the way i like, lack of office distractions, etc. but also respect anyone who prefers working otherwise. it is funny to me how we talk of "diversity" more and more but still have some sr execs thinking there is "one right way" to work. 🙂