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SECURITY 🔐 Last week I had fun hosting the meetup with @Chris Tomkins, Lead Developer Advocate at Tigera. Chris explained how to properly secure containers, VMs and host-based workloads. Their OSS project Calico is a great implementation of it. If you or your team are interested in digging deeper into the nuances of network security and K8s CNIs, I definitely encourage you to check this freshly baked recording!

Also @Chris Tomkins agreed to answer any questions today, feel free to drop them here below in a thread 🙂
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Hello @Chris Tomkins, an interesting topic you talked about, some great insights about CNI. Thank you for sharing that. Our company uses the K8s system. Could you specify how Calico can automate compliance monitoring?
Hiya! Thank you. Well, the open source project allows you to build your policies declaratively and to store them alongside the code that they are securing - which is great for compliance. That doesn't really address your point specifically about monitoring and automation though. The enterprise product has some specific features in those areas, but I want to stick to Open Source here 🙂
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