Hello everyone, does anyone have any suggestions f...
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Hello everyone, does anyone have any suggestions for tools to assist in doing integration testing or even smoke testing a Kubernetes cluster? We install a number controllers/operators onto the clusters we manage and I'd like to write tests to have some confidence in changes to compliment manual testing. An example would be we install a PostgreSQL operator, and we would like to write a test to verify a database instance can be created. Are there tools that people recommend? I found https://github.com/kyma-incubator/octopus and https://onsi.github.io/ginkgo/ but I'm curious what other folks are using?
That's a perfect use case for virtual clusters (cluster that runs inside a namespace). I'm one of the maintainers of vcluster.com - let me know if you ghave any questions. For easier way of spinning up virtual clusters, you could also use www.loft.sh (our platform build on top of vcluster)
Very cool. I'll take a look