Hey folks, Don’t shoot me but I want to talk abou...
# platform-culture
Hey folks, Don’t shoot me but I want to talk about a favourite topic: infrastructure maintenance - backups, security, upgrades, updates, patches, EOL, etc. I think you get the picture. I’m looking for feedback (as open and honest as possible) for some product development that I’m working on related to this - it has a lot to do with the culture at different orgs as to how it’s tackled. There’s a lot of smart people here with valuable opinions (whether you love or loathe infra maintenance) and I’d appreciate a chance to grab a 10-minute virtual coffee break to ask a few questions. Would anyone be game? Feel free to reply here or DM me. (The break will be virtual, but I can take care of your coffee for real )
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Would be up for it. Though don't expect a silver bullet 😉
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😂 Amazing - thanks, @Jelmer Borst. Will jump in your DM to sort something out.
I'm also interested, so if you want to grab a coffee message me 😀
Sure thing. DM-ing!
if its not too late, I’d love to discuss as well
DM-ing 👍