Hey all - I’m the founder of an early stage startu...
# kubernetes
Hey all - I’m the founder of an early stage startup and we’re trying to understand the use of docker in microservices environments (10+ services). Is anyone willing to help us run some product interviews to build/test our hypotheses?
Hi Nish, Could you explain what you need in more detail?
If you are trying to do some POCs maybe explore first less demanding setups. My experience with K8s (in AWS) is that it is a mature solution that requires experience. Maybe going with Serverless and ECS could be an easier approach. For POCs! Once you know what and how you want it you can evaluate jumping into K8s 🙂 .
If you just want to start understanding the use of docker and you already have your docker images, I think you should start with docker-compose in a single virtual machine
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