We just started a new DevEx community, it's at the...
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We just started a new DevEx community, it's at the very beginning but we have great people joining 😇 https://join.slack.com/t/devex-community/shared_invite/zt-1a148vlc3-06QzZO98pDwndY6y9iNI4Q
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This will be Developer Experience?
Yes, Experience, Velocity, Enablement etc..
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Just curious, but why not create a channel here? It's a great topic, and I think highly appropriate for this community.
Hey @Michael Galloway 🙂 Great question! DevEx do have some commonalities with Platform Engineering, although its a new field of its own (currently emerging) with a unique set of KPIs, nature, team responsibilities, tech stack, etc... We see many organizations with Platform teams alongside DevEx team which becomes a department of its own
Interesting. For us at Doma (and prior at Netflix), DevEx was part of the Platform Engineering group. TIL that it's also something folks do standalone.
Interesting, I think it goes through a major transformation, and becomes a big branch, originated in Platform engineering, big enough to become an independent discipline.
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If the above link doesn't work for you, you can use this link to join the DevEx community - https://join.slack.com/t/devex-community/shared_invite/zt-1bmf5621e-GGfuJdMPK2D8UN58qL4E_g
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