Hey Platformers! Looking to talk to platform engin...
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Hey Platformers! Looking to talk to platform engineers to aggregate stories around migrations, maintenance, style guide conformance and tech debt more broadly. Would anyone here be open to sharing their experiences? Happy to share back out themes, video clips and opportunities so the greater community can benefit! thanks!
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Happy to chat on reducing maintenance, style guides and tech debt. I touched upon this in my talk https://platformcon.com/talk/autonomy-or-chaos-how-to-scale-platforms-in-high-growth-companies An older post on this topic from my colleague https://blog.picnic.nl/becoming-a-multiplier-on-our-java-developer-platform-17fe87de2e20
Ah I see you work for https://usecustodian.com/ 😃 We use renovate for API upgrades at the moment, along with mass migrations using error-prone/refaster.